Definition of Digital Skills

Definition of Digital Skills


Digital skills draws its roots from stratified and complex convergence of several key skills concepts, namely IT literacy, ICT literacy, digital literacy, digital competence, ICT fluency, computer literacy, ICT skills, e-Skills, technological literacy, media literacy, information literacy, e-literacy, generic skills, 21st century skills, multi-literacies, and new literacies. Glister is credited with the widespread of use of the term digital literacy, which he described as the: ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers. Digital skill is defined as

Digital skills involve the knowledge and ability to determine information needs from digital technology sources, and to appropriately use digital tools and facilities to input, access, organize, integrate and assess digital resources as well as to construct new knowledge, create media expressions and communicate with others. Digital skills include both technical skills associated with understanding and using digital systems, tools, and applications, as well as information processing skills, which are the cognitive underpinnings of digital proficiency (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada).

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